Contingent, Exclusive, Retained - all the same to us. We offer the same service regardless!


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A simple solution...

Hiring new talent for your company is an important task but can be time consuming and costly if done wrong. With over ten years' experience recruiting talent for companies of all sizes, we have tried at Quay Recruitment to provide an uncomplicated and efficient service that solves your recruitment problems as simply and quickly as possible.

What does this mean?

  • No up front payment necessary - we deliver the result and get paid for it, the traditional and best method for our clients
  • No exclusivity clauses - we often work with our clients exclusively because they choose to. We don't insist on it though as we are not scared of competition
  • No unnecessary service agreements - Why complicate things? Our mantra is TIME IS PRECIOUS, TIME IS MONEY. Companies come to us time and time again because we do things the simple and effective way

The Quay Recruitment offer...

  • Proactive advertising on public job boards. 25% of our applications are from our own website 
  • Executive discretionary search - over 30% of our candidates are passive and not on job boards 
  • Market insights and salary benchmarking - We will help you pitch your vacancy at the right level 
  • Utilising our vast network, often referrals from trusted candidates and contacts 
  • Regular check in to see how our candidate is settling in 
  • Psychometric assessments for executive management positions 

Our results?

  • Over 90% retention rate (candidates still in post after 12 months)
  • Positive testimonials from our clients and candidates
  • Repeat business - we have long standing clients who have trusted our methods and expertise over many years
  • Long standing relationships - not just clients, often our candidates become clients and vise versa 

We offer flexible terms of business to suit any business need and communicate with our clients in a consultative way. We aren't targeted on how many sales calls we make, we only approach candidates with relevant job roles and we pride ourselves on our network, testimonials and recommendations. 

Case studies

Case studies

We want to show everyone what we can do and how great we are to work with. Our case studies detail the effective service we deliver directly from our satisfied clients.

Client referral scheme

Client referral scheme

We offer a referral schemes for our clients...

Speak to us

Speak to us

If you're an employer looking to reduce the cost of hiring without compromising efficiency, whilst increasing staff retention, then get in touch!

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