Life Sciences

Society relies heavily on the Life Sciences industry and having the most qualified and suitable candidates in place is essential. We are proud to have placed candidates in various roles including QP, Analysts, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory and senior Supply Chain and Board management.  

Continually building our network of talented life science talent

For over a decade, we have excelled in successfully placing candidates in a wide range of roles within the diverse field of Life Sciences. From manufacturers to Contract Research Organisations (CROs), we have developed a strong track record in connecting talented individuals with suitable positions.

Our network within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry is robust and continuously expanding. We prioritise the establishment of strong relationships with our clients, and many of them have trusted us for years to fulfill their recruitment needs.

We have experience working with companies of all sizes, ranging from small enterprises to large international corporations. Our expertise enables us to effectively navigate the unique requirements and dynamics of each organisational setting. We are committed to ensuring that candidates are carefully considered for roles within environments that align with their preferences and suitability.

We have a proven track record of successfully placing candidates in a diverse range of roles within the Life Sciences industry. Some of the positions we have filled include:

Executive Management: Senior-level roles with strategic responsibilities in leading and managing Life Sciences organisations.

Regulatory Affairs: Professionals specialising in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance, and managing regulatory submissions.

Quality Assurance: Experts responsible for developing and implementing quality management systems, conducting audits, and ensuring adherence to quality standards.

QP & RP: Qualified Persons and Responsible Persons who play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, especially in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution.

GDP Consultants: Consultants with expertise in Good Distribution Practices, offering guidance and support in maintaining compliance with distribution regulations.

Pharmacovigilance: Specialists focused on monitoring, assessing, and managing the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, including adverse event reporting and risk management.

Supply Chain & Commercial Managers: Professionals overseeing supply chain operations, logistics, procurement, and commercial aspects within the Life Sciences industry.

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