Who are we?

Established in 2017, Quay Recruitment is a leading independent specialist recruitment consultancy, proudly situated on the magnificent South Coast. While our roots may be firmly planted here, our reach extends across the entire UK and Europe. With a steadily expanding clientele that includes both global corporations and SMEs, we bring over a decade of expertise in recruiting for the dynamic realms of Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Logistics industries.


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For our clients...

As a UK-wide recruitment agency, we provide a straightforward yet highly impactful solution for our clients. Committed to the belief that Time is Precious and Time is Money, we, as an independent business we can ensure an efficient and effective service delivery through the following approaches:


Unlike many recruiters who handle around 15 roles simultaneously, we believe that by concentrating on fewer assignments, we can dedicate more attention and deliver a superior and ultimately, more efficient service.

Consultative approach, no unwanted sales guff

You won't find us bombarding you with calls or inundating your inbox. As a family-run business, we understand the frustration of constant sales calls and unwanted marketing emails. We don't have key performance indicators (KPIs) for the number of calls made or emails sent. Instead, we prioritise building genuine relationships with our clients, fostering open and honest communication.

Guidance on Talent Acquisition & Retention 

In addition to our primary focus of finding the best candidates for our clients, we go the extra mile by providing a range of guides that offer valuable advice and guidance on various subjects, including:

  • Interviewing tips;  We provide our clients with insights and best practices to conduct effective interviews
  • Remote working guides: With the increasing prevalence of remote work, we offer guidance on managing remote teams, optimizing virtual collaboration, and creating a productive remote work environment. 
  • Retention strategies: We understand the importance of retaining valuable employees. Our guides offer advice on implementing effective retention strategies, ensuring that our clients can create a positive work environment that keeps their top performers engaged and motivated.
  • Industry benchmarks: We provide salary benchmarking information to help our clients stay competitive in the job market. 
  • Insight into market trends: We keep our clients informed about what other companies in the industry are offering in terms of employee benefits, perks, and work culture. 

By offering these guides and resources, we aim to provide our clients with a more holistic service that goes beyond the recruitment process. 

No size-fits all

We firmly believe in a tailored approach that recognises the uniqueness of each recruitment assignment. Whether it's graduate positions or executive roles, we adapt our strategies to meet specific requirements. Additionally, we offer supplementary services like psychometric testing and interview support, all included in our standard package.

Always networking!

Our extensive and ever-expanding network empowers us to tap into hidden talent pools. We very often identify exceptional candidates who may not be actively searching on job boards. More than 30% of the candidates we present are not publicly listed.


Building strong relationships is at the core of our business. We take pride in fostering repeat business and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients. Some of our candidates have become clients themselves, and vice versa. 

For our candidates...

As a candidate-centric recruitment agency, we deeply appreciate the crucial role you play in the recruitment process and understand that interviewing for a new role and embarking on a new career path is a significant milestone in your life. Recognising this, we strive to make the experience as stress-free and seamless as possible.


Transparency is a fundamental aspect of our approach. We believe in providing you with all the necessary details about the vacancy and the company. We don't hide the identity of our clients and strive to give you comprehensive information, empowering you to make informed decisions about your future. We take the time to understand your aims and future goals, ensuring that the opportunities we present align with your aspirations.

A helping hand!

We offer valuable CV and interview advice at no cost to you. There's no need to pay for someone to review your CV because we provide that service as part of our commitment to your success. We also offer extensive interview preparation, guiding and supporting you throughout the process. While we won't give you the answers, we provide sincere guidance to help you shine in your interviews.


We prioritise your privacy and maintain full disclosure. Your details will never be shared with any employer until you explicitly give us the go-ahead. You will find us fully GDPR compliant and we respect your control over your own information and ensure that your personal details remain confidential until you express interest in a specific role or client.

Support & Guidance 

We understand that job transitions can be emotionally draining and stressful. We aim to alleviate that pressure by adopting a no-pressure approach. We don't hound or hassle you. Instead, we provide support and guidance as you navigate the process, allowing you to move at your own pace and make decisions that feel right for you. We can help you with your resignation letter and also advice on the best way to handle your notice. If you are planning on relocating for the role, we can try our best to help with that as well. 

Keeping in touch!

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the recruitment process. We pride ourselves on maintaining regular communication and staying in touch with our candidates. We check in from time to time to see how you're settling into your new role and to offer ongoing support. Building lasting relationships is important to us, and we want to ensure your long-term satisfaction and career growth.

New job advice 

We understand that starting a new job can be a stressful transition for individuals. To support our successful candidates during this crucial time, we have developed a comprehensive guide to help them adapt and settle into their new surroundings and making their induction process as seamless as possible. This includes advice and tips around onboarding, familiarising yourself with your new company's organisational chart and leaning on your friends and family's support while you find your feet. 

A friendly service! 

We prioritise transparency, offer free CV and interview advice, respect your privacy, provide a no-pressure experience, and stay connected with you beyond the placement. Many of our clients started off as our candidates and we have continued to work them in their new companies! Your journey is important to us, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals every step of the way. 

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