As a modern and forward thinking recruitment and selection agency, Quay Recruitment is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our policies towards Social & Environmental initiatives, our customers, our candidates and our staff are outlined below.

Social & Environmental:

For us, CSR means we can act towards our social and environmental responsibilities – whether that is by helping to improve the lives of homeless people or mistreated animals; working with community partners to help identify and meet the needs of our local area, or contributing to the larger environmental picture by making a small but committed difference to tackling issues such as climate change.

To achieve this is we work on a 1 – 1 system.

Quay Recruitment has committed to donating 1% of profit to charities, and encouraging all our staff to take 1% of their contracted work hours to spend helping those in need.

In order to correctly document tangible results, quarterly our directors will discuss performance and discuss new and innovative ways to improve our CSR initiatives.


We regularly engage with our customers, both candidates and clients, by carrying out surveys, offering Service Level Agreements, and committing to recruiting and selective a diverse range of jobseekers. We will always be honest with clients and candidates, no matter the outcome.

We hope that our charity work leaves a good impression on everyone we supply staff to currently, and our future clients, which is why we will be providing updates on social media.

Our Candidates:

Our employment policies not only comply with all relevant legislation, but seek to exceed standard requirements in order to ensure that the working environment across the business and our client’s businesses embrace diversity. One of our board directors is CertRP qualified and another is CIPD qualified, and between us all we have an excellent grounding of relevant employment law and best practice. We apply this to hiring our own staff, and when we fill your vacancies, to ensure we are compliant.

Our Staff:

We want to keep the best talent available and help them flourish as individuals – which is one of the many reasons we offer the above social and environmental charity work as an option to them. We want to help them grow in the same way we want to help our business grow. We know that our employees feel very strongly about particular causes and we encourage and support their activities throughout the year by contributing financially to their fundraising efforts.

In addition, we know how important physical health is to a healthy work environment, which is why we offer gym memberships as a standard perk for any current and future employee of Quay Recruitment. We love to (try…!) to stay healthy and think our staff should too.

If you would like any further information on Quay Recruitment and our CSR policy, please contact us at