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Procurement and supply chain management are linked to one another as each element is essential to the other.

Companies can lower their overall costs and boost profitability if procurement and supply chain management is executed successfully. A large part of its success is down to skilled staff, our years of experience in procurement and supply chain recruitment ensures we can find the most suitable role and employer for you. 

Procurement involves the buying of goods and services and supply chain management is the flow of goods and services, so naturally the two go hand in hand as each element is essential to the other. The two form a network between a company, its suppliers and its customers. When procurement and supply chain management is done well, it can lower the company’s overall costs and boost profitability.

We have experience placing procurement and supply chain professionals across all industries and we will use this expertise and knowledge to ensure we match you to a role that will suit your abilities and aspirations.

We have a vast number of contacts and have successfully placed candidates in a variety of roles including:

  • Warehouse Supervisors / Managers / Directors
  • Logistics Supervisors / Managers / Directors
  • Demand & Supply Planners / Managers / Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Buyers (all levels)
  • Purchasing Managers / Directors
  • Procurement Managers / Directors
  • Supply Chain Managers / Directors

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences roles are diverse and over the past ten years we have successfully matched the right candidates with the right employers in the sector.



We have successfully matched several candidates with a range of roles in the engineering and manufacturing sector, and we can confident we can do the same with you.

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Logistics have major economical implications and we can assist in finding you a suitable and rewarding role in the sector.

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