We have successfully aided individuals in advancing their careers in various positions, including engineers, quality assurance specialists, continuous improvement experts, as well as senior and executive management roles.

A decade of experience recruiting individuals into UK manufacturers and beyond


From electronic manufacturers to precision engineering firms and outsourced design and consultancy services, we have successfully connected candidates with suitable employers. With our exceptional track record of matching the right talent with the right organisations, we are confident in our ability to find the perfect role for you.

Within the manufacturing sector, we have established a solid reputation and achieved numerous successful placements in hands-on engineering, senior management, and board-level positions. No matter what you are seeking, we are committed to helping you find it.

Additionally, we boast a decade of experience in recruiting for regulated industries, including aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and electronics. Our expertise extends to businesses of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to global manufacturing companies.

We have a strong track record of successfully placing job seekers in a wide range of roles within the manufacturing sector. Here are some specific positions we have successfully filled:

Quality Managers, Engineers, and Inspectors: Professionals responsible for ensuring product quality, managing quality control processes, and conducting inspections.

Operations and Senior Managers/Directors: Experienced individuals who oversee overall manufacturing operations, set strategic goals, and lead teams.

Production Managers and Production Engineers: Individuals responsible for managing and optimizing production processes, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Specialists: Experts in implementing Lean principles and continuous improvement methodologies to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

CNC Machinists and Programmers: Skilled operators and programmers who work with computer numerical control (CNC) machines for precision machining.

Design Engineers and NPI (New Product Introduction): Professionals involved in product design and development, including creating innovative designs and managing the introduction of new products into manufacturing.

Service, Field, and Maintenance Engineers: Technicians and engineers who provide maintenance, repair, and technical support for manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Technical Salespeople, including multilingual staff: Sales professionals with technical expertise who effectively communicate the value of manufacturing products and services to customers, including those who are fluent in multiple languages.

These are just a few examples of the roles we have successfully placed individuals into. 

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