Candidate assessments & screening

There are several stages to our recruitment process to ensure that each candidate we recommend for interview is highly suited to the role.

Our journey to finding your ideal candidate begins with meeting with you to learn about your business and the requirements of the role. Following this, we conduct rigorous screening of possible candidates to ensure we put forward only the very best.

Cream of the crop

We want every person that we recommend to you for interview to be just right. We are extremely thorough in assessing each candidate's suitability for any given role. There are several stages to the process to ensure that only the best makes the cut.

We start by meeting with you to learn about your business and to fully understand what you require from the role. We then work with you to compile a job specification, making sure that all the skills, qualifications and experience that you require the candidate to have is clearly stated.

We continue on with a multi-faceted screening of candidates that can include pre-submission qualifying questions, references at interview stage and psychometric testing.

The benefits to you are that you will save vast amounts of time by not having to sift through hundreds of CVs, freeing you up to focus on your own job and tasks. Many people who recruit themselves, particularly those in small businesses that do not have an official HR function, will spend day after day on the recruitment process, which is a huge drain on their time and productivity.

Our consultants are skilled at weeding out candidates who look good on paper but don’t have the “softer” skills you require. Some applicants may spin their experience to fit the role they are interested in, but our eyes are trained to identify this and take a closer look.  

We work with a range of employers of all sizes from across our seven specialist divisions. We are continually connecting with candidates from these same areas who are seeking temporary or permanent roles, from junior to director level.

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