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Utilising modern recruitment technology used by only 1% of the UK market, we can identify candidates that are highly suited to roles you are looking to recruit to.

Not only are we are able to find high-quality candidates from the UK's top job boards, but by using modern recruitment technology we can also identify relevant candidates that are not active on the job market.  

Simply the best

Using the best in modern recruitment technology, we will locate and submit passive, high-quality candidates who may not be actively seeking roles. We are effectively headhunting people that we believe would be highly suited to the role you are looking to recruit to.

In addition to this, we have access to candidates from all of the UK’s top job boards including TotalJobs, Reed, CV Library, Indeed, LinkedIn and more. We also utilise state-of-the-art recruitment software only used by 1% of the UK market, to make sure we never miss a possible candidate.

It's a fact that some of the best candidates are in employment and don’t have the time to search and apply for jobs. These candidates could be interested if the right role comes up and our talent searching will make sure you don’t miss out on these candidates as we are sure to find them.

We work with employers and candidates throughout our seven divisions and deal with both temporary and permanent positions, from junior to director level.

Recruitment process audit

If you're interested in Quay Recruitment performing a review of your recruitment processes to help you understand how you can save money and time, please contact us using the form below.

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