Emma Sturgess

Operations Director

Emma Sturgess

Emma Sturgess

Operations Manager


I have 13 years' experience in recruitment within a range of industries including engineering - mechanical, software and electronics, nursing care homes, business support functions such as procurement and contractors placed in the states. 

I moved into team management five years ago. I'm experienced in building successful teams around me, creating a hard-working culture within an environment that makes work an enjoyable place to be. I've managed trainees with no experience and taken those individuals on to achieve excellent results and promotions.

I started at Quay in March 2019 as Operations Manager. I've implemented major change to processes, budgets and team culture to promote operational excellence as the “norm”.  These changes have led to improvements that have had a major impact on all areas of the business including individuals achieving their personal best results, team targets being exceeded and culture changes that facilitated consistent improvements across the company.   

Skills and personality traits

I'm determined, organised, tenacious, thorough, results-driven and always aiming for effective and efficient solutions. I'm great at supporting others to achieve their work goals, thinking outside the box to achieve results and implementing changes. I can be impatient sometimes which proves I’m not perfect!


I enjoy holidays and seeing new places; I recently lived in Spain for two years to enjoy a different way of life. My favourite exercise class is spinning and I also enjoy jogging outside. I've recently taken up gardening, but it's early days and not all the flowers I've planted so far have had successful outcomes!

What makes you tick?

“Achieving and making changes” - this can be anything as long as I feel I'm achieving something each day. I always have long-term goals that I am aiming for at work and in my home life, which motivates me and keeps me ticking along nicely.

Why Quay?

I have a keen interest in working at Quay for two reasons: firstly it's a start-up where I can make a big difference and assist with the growth and success of the business and secondly, my son Robbie - who followed my footsteps into the world of recruitment - is one of the three founders / directors of Quay.

"I'm great at supporting others to achieve their work goals, thinking outside the box to achieve results and implementing changes."

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