Our approach

We embrace our brand values and aims to provide employers and job seekers with a revolutionary recruitment service.

Our approach to recruitment consultancy encompasses our core values: trust, reliability, integrity and confidence. Whether you're an employer looking for a new recruit or a job seeker searching for a new challenge, we're here to help.

You're in safe hands

Quay provide recruitment consultancy designed to help our partners transition from outdated to more cutting-edge recruitment practices, reducing the overall cost to hire.

Our core aim is to provide you with a first-class recruitment service whether you're an employer seeking a new recruit or an individual looking for your next career move.

Our values underpin what the Quay brand stands for, the way we invest in our staff and our working relationships with our clients, prospects and suppliers. Our values include trust, reliability, integrity and confidence, making us a recruitment consultant of choice.

Our clients

We conduct targeted searching and advertising for candidates on all the major job boards as well as our own vast professional networks we have developed over the years. 

You can have confidence in our ability to find the right person for your position. Our honesty ensures that if we can’t find someone suitable, we’ll tell you why. Time must be taken when creating a job advert and description to attract the right applicants and the best candidates may need to be convinced that you're the right employer for them. We can do this for you.

We can offer more flexibility with our terms of business than many of our competitors, including discounted fees, favourable rebate periods and extended payment terms when required. 

Our candidates

We offer a range of services to get you application-ready, including a CV consultation and a screening interview that will enable us to discover exactly what it is you're looking for. This means that we'll only put you forward for jobs that are suited to you in terms of content, salary and environment, which will avoid wasted time for all parties.

We promise regular communication with you whether you're successful at interview or not - we won't leave you hanging! 

If you sign up with us you'll receive a professional and reliable service. We are always honest with our candidates whether the news is good or bad as this feedback will help you improve and grow. We can also guarantee you security – we will not release your personal details anywhere or to anyone without your permission, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. 

For more information, give us a call for an informal chat.


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Meet the team

Our team is made up of individuals that mirror Quay's strong work ethic and core values. The team's expertise, passion, and attention to detail mean they provide an excellent service.

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