Why Quay Recruitment?

Our expertise in each of our sectors means that we can put you in contact with the best employers, as well as give you access to jobs that are not on the open job market. 

Our sector specialists will assist in securing you a job that suits both your skills and requirements. Our excellent communication skills set us apart from the crowd, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Because we're the best

We're specialists in the seven sectors that we cover, which means that not only do we know the best employers within those industries, but we also have knowledge of and access to jobs that may not be accessible to the public. We know and understand your true worth as a candidate, so if you feel underpaid, undervalued or uninterested in your job, we can help.

We're so good at what we do because of our excellent communication skills; we talk to employers and put them at ease to ensure that we're at the forefront of their minds when they need to recruit. The more contacts we have, the more job opportunities we'll have for you.

We will keep you informed every step of the way. Our one to two-week communication processes ensure that you will never be out of the loop. We appreciate how frustrating that can be, so we always let you know of any developments and keep in touch even if there's nothing to report.

We're in contact with big organisations and small businesses alike, so whatever work environment you feel best suited to, we're sure to have a range of options to offer you.

Whether you're at junior or director level, looking for temporary or permanent employment, if you’re a job seeker in one of our seven sectors, we can help!

Read our case studies to discover how we've helped lots of job seekers find their dream jobs!

Please get in touch to find out more and sign up with us.


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