What would you let a robot do?

A new graphic released from RS Components reveal how society feels about robots; do they really have a place in our future? As robots continue to develop and secure their place alongside humanity, a lot of changes to our day-to-day lives are in order. From our worries about machines taking our jobs to babysitting our offspring, view the survey results in this graphic.

  • 25% of 16-24 year olds would trust a robot over a human – That’s 3.5 times more than the older generation (55+ year olds)
  • 40% of us would let a robot complete our household chores – With housework taking an average of 18 hours a week for women and 10 hours a week for men, it’s no wonder that we’re willing to pass these sometimes mind-numbing tasks over to machines
  • 17% of men and women would allow a robot to cook them food- With the average person in the UK spending 36 hours a week at work, robots could offer you a home cooked meal, without the hassle of actually cooking it yourself
  • Out of the top 10 purposes for a robot, being a friend was ranked 4th highest behind chores, cooking food and driving – This suggests introducing robots into the world could help those who are seeking friendship
  • More people voted that they would rather a robot pilot their plane or perform surgery on them than cut their hair – This shows that we trust robots to perform the more crucial tasks in life than those of material form
Position Activity Respondents who agree (%)
1 I would let a robot do my household chores 40% (38.7%)
2 I would eat food from a robot chef 17% (17.2%)
3 I would use a robot driver 13% (13.1%)
4 I would be friends with a robot 13% (12.7%)
5 I would let a robot manage my money 11% (10.7%)
6 I would use a robot pet sitter 10% (9.8%)
7 I would let a robot manage my retirement fund 8% (8.2%)
8 I would see a robot surgeon 8% (7.8%)
9 I would use a robot makeup artist 7% (6.9%)
10 If I had a business, I would use a robot recruiter 6% (6.3%)

Vishal Chhatralia, VP of Digital Marketing at RS Components, comments:

“We’ve seen robots depicted in cinema as evil machines with the potential to take over and wipe out humanity as we know it, but in reality, they are being constructed to assist us by picking up smaller and less important tasks.

“Our study found that overall 34% of us do believe that robots will make everyday life better and even 14% took that a step further to admit they would trust a robot over a human. Whilst the majority (54%) would still choose to trust a human over a machine, more of us think robots will make everyday life better (34%) than those who are worried about robots taking over everyday life (32%). “

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