Placing a new Operations and Distribution Manager

The client needed somebody who understood both third-party logistics and ecommerce operations to enable them to fulfil the role.

Client background

Our client is a retail and e-commerce jewellery and accessories company who operate within the fashion industry. They are based in London and decided to employ Quay after another company recommended them due to their experience in recruiting for both third-party logistics (3PL) companies and e-commerce businesses, which meant they knew exactly what skills were needed for this role.

The requirement

The client was looking to recruit an Operations and Distribution Manager for a new distribution centre after signing a contract with a leading 3PL company in the fashion industry. This new centre will generate a lot more work for the company and this new member of staff was needed to ensure its smooth running.

The business needed somebody who understood both 3PL and e-commerce operations to enable them to fulfil the role. This was a crucial position which came during a period of growth for the company.

Our solution

We delivered our silver service on an exclusive basis. We provided an initial shortlist within seven days and then weekly progress updates to all parties. Communication comes first in every campaign Quay runs, which is why almost 100% of clients return for repeat business.

The challenge

The client needed to recruit someone who understood the 3PL and ecommerce market, which made this a fairly niche job. They wanted to be able to utilise the person’s knowledge fully to ensure a smooth transition to this 3PL. The successful candidate would need to be able to manage operations from inside the 3PL warehouse and office, so they’d need to have very specific skills. Quay had to find candidates who would be able to fulfil all of these requirements, which was certainly a challenge.

The outcome

One of the candidates that Quay put forward for interview was successfully placed in the role. From taking the brief to the contract being returned was just over four weeks, which is impressive considering the nature of the role.

The client was so happy with the service they received that they employed Quay to locate candidates for other vacancies in different departments including Ecommerce, Marketing and Finance.

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