Placing a new Managing Director - Medical Devices

The client was looking to step back from day to day responsibilities and was looking to hire executive board members, an MD and Manufacturing Director and Quay Recruitment filled both positions.

Client background

Our client is a Medical Device manufacturer of niche products with a very strong customer base after 40 years in business supplying to both the UK and Europe. We had worked with the client before by having a QP contracting through us. 

The requirement

The client was looking to recruit a Managing Director and a Manufacturing Director as he and his business partner were looking to step back from day to day duties and set up a new executive board to drive the company forward.

The business needed somebody who understood the medical device industry and regulations including ISO 13485 and 21 CFR and someone who could come up with new ideas and revenue streams whilst maintaining their core values and looking after their loyal workforce. 

Our solution

We provided an executive search using our own networks and running a successful ad campaign. The successful candidate for the Manufacturing Director role was indeed referred to us personally by one of our contacts within our network. 

The challenge

The successful candidate would need to be able to help establish a new executive board and provide senior leadership in line with the company values to the workforce that has great loyalty with very low staff turnover. 

The outcome

We secured the client 5 interviews with credible options as well as psychometric tests for all candidates. This was an important appointment for the client and relied heavily on our negotiation skills and sensitivity in delivering the offer and liaising with both the client and candidate before the start date. 


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