CASE STUDY: Managing Director - Medical Devices

Our client desired to transition away from their day-to-day responsibilities and sought to hire executive board members, specifically a Managing Director (MD) and Manufacturing Director. Quay Recruitment successfully fulfilled both positions for the client.

Client background

Client Background: Our client is a well-established Medical Device manufacturer that has been operating successfully for 40 years, supplying niche products to customers in the UK and Europe. We had previously worked with the client, providing a Qualified Person (QP) contractor.

The requirement

The client had a need to hire a Managing Director and a Manufacturing Director as the current owners and business partners were planning to step back from their day-to-day duties. They wanted to establish a new executive board to drive the company's growth. The ideal candidates needed to have a deep understanding of the medical device industry, including regulations such as ISO 13485 and 21 CFR. They were also expected to bring fresh ideas and identify new revenue streams while maintaining the company's core values and ensuring the well-being of their dedicated workforce.

Our solution

We conducted an executive search leveraging our extensive network and expertise. Additionally, we ran a successful advertising campaign to attract top talent. Interestingly, the successful candidate for the Manufacturing Director role was referred to us personally by one of our contacts within our network, highlighting the value of our connections and word-of-mouth referrals.

The challenge

The key challenge was to find a candidate who could not only contribute to the establishment of a new executive board but also provide senior leadership aligned with the company's values. It was essential to ensure a smooth transition for the loyal workforce, known for their low turnover rate.

The outcome

We presented the client with five credible candidates for interviews, each of whom underwent psychometric tests as part of our rigorous selection process. This appointment was crucial for the client, and we utilized our negotiation skills and sensitivity to facilitate the offer and facilitate effective communication between the client and candidate before the candidate's start date.

Overall, our comprehensive approach resulted in successful outcomes, providing the client with a pool of qualified candidates, thorough assessments, and support throughout the recruitment process.


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