CASE STUDY: Regulatory Affairs Associate Director

In the midst of the pandemic, this was an important role for my client and we used our network of contacts to find the right candidate.

Client background

Our client is a prominent clinical research organization with multiple offices across the UK and Europe. Having recently filled a graduate and business development role for them, we were approached to assist in recruiting a new Regulatory Affairs Associate Director.

The requirement

The client sought a senior regulatory affairs professional with specific expertise in cell and gene therapy, as well as prior experience working for a consultancy.

The challenge

Our client faced difficulties in their recruitment search, as they struggled to find candidates with the necessary level of cell and gene therapy experience and familiarity with working in a Contract Research Organization (CRO). Additionally, the volatile job market and uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic added further challenges.

Our solution

Upon being approached for assistance, I provided guidance and advice to the client. I suggested that remote working arrangements could broaden the candidate pool and discussed appropriate salary expectations given the market conditions. As this was a headhunting assignment, I tapped into my professional network to identify potential candidates who possessed the desired experience but may not have been actively seeking new opportunities, as the active job market had been exhausted.

The outcome

Through our proactive approach, we identified a highly suitable candidate who, although not actively looking for a new position, was open to initial discussions. I provided him with a detailed explanation of the role, and his interest grew. Following successful interviews, I assisted with negotiations to secure his acceptance of the offer. He commenced his new role shortly after and has since thrived in the organization. Notably, he has been promoted, demonstrating his exceptional performance and fit within the company.


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